urban expression™

Denver • New York • France


I began using the term Urban Expressions for Street Art. primarily because writing on a wall cannot be categorized together in one way. What does it mean to create sophisticated art? There's the term Graffiti, but even that only seems to generalize the work more. Being placed under one category that makes it seemly unsophisticated. Of course there are many examples of street art or Graffiti that are not at all about making art and by the very nature of the scribe, artless. There are individuals who really take time to put thought into making an interesting visual statement. In collaboration with any urban surface. In some examples Graffiti as Urban Expression adds an aesthetic quality to the structure that is it's canvas. I am interested in capturing the work that displays skill from a true artisan. Stimulating is the juxtaposition of raw scribed marks that throw themselves thoughtfully onto its industrial canvas. Not so concerned with the intrusiveness or purity of the architecture, the expressive marks present themselves as an arrogant and beautiful statement. The rise of "Urban Expression" is nevertheless fascinating to document and to think about it's place in art and the city. With the function of expressing society's own rebellious nature, It demands your attention. Whether positive or negative. Here is a small selection of personal snap-shots committed to this practice. These shots were taken from a variety of urban landscapes from around the world. - Michael Gadlin