Snapshots + Street-shootings


I began shooting Street Art primarily because the wall-as-canvas interested me in the primitive sense. Making bold marks on a given surface with consideration of placement on the architecture. Street art or graffiti on city walls become signs and symbols to those who possess this desire to unabashedly make their statement a public one. As it's own form of expression, it is no doubt a form of "Public Art". I very much admire that freedom and sense of temporary place. I look for that same sense of "risk" in my own work. How we interact with street art interests me, there's an "us" versus "them" kind of collaborative statement that surrounds our everyday that you just cannot ignore. There's also a sort-of historical value when you capture an urban landscape, knowing it will soon be removed, painted over or the building demolished. These shots were taken from a variety of urban landscapes from my travels.