At the one-year anniversary show, Young, Mattai and Zoots will all be featured. The other artists you can expect to see work from as well are Monique Crine, Michael Dowling, Trey Egan, Carlene Frances, Melissa Furness, Michael Gadlin, Robin Hextrum, Kuzana Ogg, Daisy Patton, Angel Ricardo Ricardo Rios, Karen Roehl, Jonathan Saiz, Kevin Sloan, Kristin Stransky, Nina Tichava, Goran Vejvoda and Sarah Winkler. And, although Kacena is a talented curator and gallerist, he is first and foremost an artist and will also be displaying work during the anniversary show.

It seems like it’s been longer than a year since the LoDo art gallery K Contemporary opened. That may be because the roster of artists has been nothing short of world-class, with a few of them going on to land major shows at other galleries and museums. But even if time has betrayed fans of the new gallery, this weekend it will celebrate its one year anniversary with a group exhibition featuring an impressive collection from 21 artists.Titled As of Now, the show will only be on view from December 15 to December 29, 2018.

“I am so grateful for the ongoing support of K Contemporary from the Colorado arts community,” K Contemporary owner Doug Kacena. “I feel incredibly lucky to be working with such fabulous artists and love the momentum and energy we are bringing to Denver. My primary goal for the gallery remains the same for 2019 — first and foremost I want to help artists make a living and have the support they need for their creative endeavors. We need to eliminate the romanticized paradigm of the starving artist from our vocabulary.”

The first show that was displayed at K Contemporary was Scott Young’s Gas Light Love Bomb in November 2017, which attracted attention to the gallery like moths to a flame — or rather, like Instagrammers to neon lights. Even if a lot of people visited the gallery in the month of Young’s exhibition just to photograph and admire, that seemed to be enough to attract them back after the neon lights were gone. A piece of that first show still sits in Kacena’s office — as a memento and a motivational tool — and K Contemporary has continued to represent Young at various art fairs across the country, including Pulse in Miami.