Visage series

By using a various arrangement of collage material for this series, the approach I wanted to accomplish was a "painterly" aesthetic within the forms created. Achieving this by simulating brushstrokes. The position of each pieces of collage was deliberately places for a visual effect that reflects the evolution of figurativism in classical art. Freely and expressively indicating movement of the form into the background which becomes one instead of two distinct parts. This idea was to accomplish the union of positive and negative space, so as to make the line of chaos and order blur. This gave the work an honest feel to become about surface texture, rhythms and patterns. The collage materials and recycled consumer products I used gives the work a social commentary. A statement within this process gives the subjects a real personality and not just an illustration of a face. instead it's about emotions and the struggle of the material considered for a very unusual visual interpretation. This struggle [or contradiction] keeps the intention of the forms very loose and honest to the medium used.