As I get settled in my work space here at the chateau, I encounter many challenges with the language. It’s encouraged me to learn a word and or phrase everyday. Today I did several studies and worked on setting up the studio for a large multi-medium painting. This piece will be exhibited here in the gallery late summer 2013.

The dinners served to you here are very special and so are the hosts. La Napoule, I learned, is not really a part of Provence… It’s just south and is in Mandelieu. 

It feels somewhat surreal to be on the Mediterranean with so much history and work to be influenced by. I’m challenging by having so many ideas— because of the overwhelming inspiration on so many levels visual and culturally.

La Napoule is charming and deeply identified by it’s roots. There is not the presence of an enormous modern culture as in many other cities near by. It’s still quiet and quaintly considerate.