Concrete Jungle

Denver • New York • France


The moment I hit the ground in New York over 20 years ago for the first time, I was thrilled and stimulated immediately by the imagery in front of me. My eyes would soak up everything in one moment. I took to Street-Shooting and the snap-shot while in college, Pratt in Brooklyn. My first camera was a 35mm Mamiya, given to me by a good friend there in school. I quickly learned where it was best to hold the camera (chest) and when to snap the shot to get the best possible outcome, not forgetting Aperture and most important where my predetermined focus was going to be. In Street-Shooting you really don't look through the viewfinder, you set the camera and just click as you stroll. The real thrill was in the unexpected, the unplanned compositions and spontaneous nature of the overall shot. To this day I can't be anywhere without something to shoot with. Which is usually my trusty iPhone and a couple of my favorite Apps for true analogue effect. I do this for absolute fun and the thrill of the capture. For me, it's the need to be documenting that given moment in time and if not for the capture, will likely be forgotten, overlooked and by the acts of nature, that piece of time, gone.
- Gadlin